Welcome 2014! #noresolution2014

I don’t know about you but I am ready for a new year. There was some rough patches for family members in 2013. I am glad to say goodbye to it and look forward to a wonderful 2014. Not only do I say goodbye to 2013 but also to a few blood relatives. 2013 taught me that just because you share blood with someone does not make them family. Which I am fine saying so long to them. My life is much more peaceful now.

Another thing I learned in 2013 was that I can eat my favorite food and still lose weight. Yup, I can eat chocolate and still lose. It’s called Skinny Chocolate and I’m proud to admit that I am addicted to it. My favorite is Peppermint Skinny Chocolate although Peanut Butter Skinny Chocolate is also good. Even my kids love it. I have to hide when I eat it or it’s gone in one sitting because my kids will eat the whole thing. Next time I make it I’ll take pictures and write out my recipe. It’s made with coconut oil so it’s healthy for you.

I’m not going to bother making any resolutions since they always seem to fail after a month or so. But I will be making a few changes. One change will be to eat my addicting skinny chocolate in place of store bought chocolate. Yeah, that’s one change I can do and enjoy. Yup, I will enjoy eating chocolate whenever I feel like it. I’ll also enjoy trying new recipes with it like almond bars, coconut bars, and peppermint patties. I am already looking forward to this change in 2014!


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    Skinny chocolate sounds really good and I can’t wait to see the recipe. Have you tried the banana, avocado with a bit of cocoa powder in it? I have tried it, but the coco powder’s a bit weird to me eating it raw. I am thinking of adding a little bit of chocolate hazelnut to make it look like all chocolate or something. So sorry about your family experience, by the way. I hope this year brings great things. Happy new Year!

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