20 or 21? I love my kids!

Today is my birthday. So my two girls decided that they are going to guess my age. Brooke the doll guessed 21 and Madison my angel guessed 20! Oh how I love my kids! Even hubby told me that I do not look my age. Have I said lately how much I love my family?!

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Gone for a couple of days

I am heading up north tomorrow morning and will be offline for 2 days. I will pick the winner of the Prefense Thursday. I will also post pics of Bear on Thursday. Have a great couple of days and I will “see” you Thursday!

Results are in

I got tired of waiting yesterday so I called at 5:30 pm. The nurse called back and told me it was not skin cancer as we had feared. It is something called Lichenoid Dermatitis. I have been trying to google it but not really finding much on it. It’s not contagious. It’s not something someone

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Awaiting the wonderful results

I am impatiently awaiting the call from the doctor concerning the biopsy results. I called this morning (when I finally got my nerve up) and am getting pretty impatient for the return phone call. The nurse made it sound like it would be quick. She said she would look the results up and call back

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What can it be?

I have been a little nervous lately. We moved here Thanksgiving day and that weekend I noticed a big scab on my arm. It was itchy and weeping. A mixture of blood and pus. I gave it a couple of weeks and it did not go away. So I decided to go to the doctor.

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