What a busy weekend!

This is how Friday and Saturday started off: Yup, me enjoying my treadmill! Thankfully I had a peaceful run since hubby was home to watch on the kids and snap pictures of me. I was quite amazed that I did not fall flat on my tush while I was smiling at the camera. I’m not

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Busy life is starting to slow down

Life has been so busy around here. We are remodeling this 30 year old house. We just bought windows because they leaked very badly. So we decided it would be best for our bills if we invested in windows. Then we remodeled one bathroom. Took the carpet out and put in a wood looking vinyl

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We are home with Bear!

We got back late and I had a million things to do so I picked the winner for Prefense today. I just emailed the winner so check your email. We had a fun time visiting my dad, nieces, and nephew. It’s been 4 months since we saw them. I know that is not long for

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Gone for a couple of days

I am heading up north tomorrow morning and will be offline for 2 days. I will pick the winner of the Prefense Thursday. I will also post pics of Bear on Thursday. Have a great couple of days and I will “see” you Thursday!

My puppy

I am going to pick Bear up Tuesday. I cannot wait. We are going to put the fence together, get his food and water dish ready, and pick up any stray toys tomorrow. Brooke and Madison are so excited. I am too. I am thinking about staying up north over night. Get a hotel that

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As you know

we have had a sickness running through the house. It is still running it’s course. Brooke is on antibiotic for an ear infection. Wyatt still has a cough and Madison has the fever and runny nose. But life must go on. I have been testing a few products from BzzAgent. I will be reviewing those

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Sick kids

I have been and will continue to be MIA. I have sick kids. Three sick kids to be exact. I took them all into the doctor today to find out what is going on with them. It’s some kind of flu. They did a flu test and a strep throat test on Wyatt. I will

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