W/W – Brooke’s Birthday Cakes


Wordless Wednesday Brooke’s 8th Birthday Cakes We celebrated Brooke’s 8th birthday on Saturday. I decided to try my hand at a homemade cake with homemade icing. It’s also my first time trying to decorate a cake professionally. Usually I just throwing icing on and call it a day. Well, this time I bought Wilton tips,

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Happy 8th Birthday Brooke


1 day old 8 years old I was privileged to become a new mom 8 years ago today. We named her Brooke Marie. She was such a precious baby and has grown to become a precious girl. 8 years ago at 8:20 pm my precious breech daughter was born via c-section. She wanted to come

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20 or 21? I love my kids!


Today is my birthday. So my two girls decided that they are going to guess my age. Brooke the doll guessed 21 and Madison my angel guessed 20! Oh how I love my kids! Even hubby told me that I do not look my age. Have I said lately how much I love my family?!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Wyatt!


My baby boy turns 2 today. Where has the time gone? I remember his birth like it was yesterday. He had a rough start and was in NICU for 48 hours. But after that little breathing scare he was fine. Just born! 3 hours later. Just before they took him to NICU. His big sisters

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Whew, two things done


Well, this has been a very interesting and busy couple of weeks. My little Madison turned 4 on June 10th. We had a birthday party for her on June 12th. The birthday party went great! I got to enjoy visiting with my Aunt and two cousins. I had not met the cousins until Sunday so

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Busy, crazy weekend


The crazy weekend started Friday night. Brooke had a father/daughter dance at school. The poor child had the hives but she went and had fun. Here is a picture of her and daddy: Then Sunday comes along with Brooke’s Birthday Bash. I invited a couple of her friends and some girls from her girl scout

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Happy 7th Birthday

I wanted to wish my sweet princess Brooke a very Happy 7th Birthday today. Seven years ago today at 8:20 pm I finally got to see the sweet face of my precious daughter. I waited many months to see what she looked like. To meet the sweet girl that liked to stay in my rib

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