Happy 8th Anniversary to me

The other day Troy asked me what I wanted for our 8th Anniversary which is tomorrow (Monday February 21st). I told him I wanted a new kitchen faucet. He said ok so I started researching them. After much research I decided to get a Delta Leland. So this morning I wake up and get the family ready to head to Home Depot. I was excited to say the least. Troy knew that so he started installing the faucet as soon as we got home. I have done a load of dishes and I have to say that I love the faucet. I love how tall it is. I love that it does not splash. I love that it has a magnet so there is no fumbling to get it back in the hole. I love the look. I love how easy it is to turn on and off. I love how simple the design is so it should be easy to clean. I love the fast water flow and how smooth it flows. I love that you can use a stream or spray. I love that it has a soap dispenser. The only thing I do not love is how small the soap dispenser bottle is. In a couple of months I will give a proper review but I do not expect any issues with this faucet. I think I am a Delta kinda of chic now!

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