Double Digits

Next month my oldest will be turning 10. I’m a little sad to see her growing up so fast. But also proud of all the challenges that she has faced and come through. I know it can’t be easy having two younger siblings. I know I had three older siblings and that was a pain. Yeah, just kidding my dear brothers! They actually make life worth while. And I know Brooke will learn to appreciate her siblings too. But until then they will continue to bicker. How do you stop the bickering? And does it get worse as they get older?

So, not only is my daughter turning double digits this year but at the end of the year I’ll be hitting the 4 0. Turning 30 didn’t bother me nearly as much as turning 40. But it’s something that I will get used to as the year wears on. But for now I have to concentrate on throwing a party for a soon to be 10 year old. I’m trying to find clean music for her. I want to buy her a few cd’s for her birthday and I haven’t really let her listen to music. Any suggestions on clean music for kids?

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    As a mom of 7, I can tell you the fights get fewer. But they also can be a bit more intense at times. Then again, my 5 oldest are boys and boys are notorious for roughhousing and being loud. Good luck with finding clean music. Maybe KidzBop?

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    My kids are 13 and 6 and it seems like the bickering is getting worse and worse. Mainly because my 6 year old desperately wants his sister to play with him again like she used to and she is a teen and wants to do teen stuff. I hope too that it gets better!! Happy early birthday too!!

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    Wow, 10! My daughter is 3.5 and she was talking about when she’s going to turn 5 the other day and THAT stopped me in my tracks. I don’t really have any advice for you, but I am curious to see if anyone has any good music suggestions. My 3yo is really into music already.

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    My brother and I get along so much better now that we are older. 10 seems like it looms so closely for my 8.5 year old, 9 I worry about more, as it’s the midpoint until they head out!

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