Paleo Menu

paleo menu

Paleo seems to be trending lately, and for good reason! The health benefits are backed up by science and evidence as well as hundreds of testimonies from people losing weight and ultimately achieving better health. If you’ve not yet heard of Paleo and want to learn more about it, or are already practicing a Paleo

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Lunch Ideas for Kids

Lunch Ideas for Kids

Parents often worry about whether or not their children eat a healthy lunch. Whether he or she eats lunch at school or at home, you want them to eat food that is full of important nutrients. Fruits, carbs, proteins, and dairy products are a few important food choices that should be incorporated into the lunches

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Healthy Substitutes for Cravings


Healthy substitutes for not so healthy cravings Yes, it’s sad but true: eating is much more of a worry now than what it used to be. What with additives, GMO crops, masses of sugar being added to processed foods, it’s hard to make a sandwich without thinking about one’s final Will and Testament. And all

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Five Stratagies to get kids to eat veggies


Snacking on Veggies: Beyond Carrots and Celery A healthy body and mind rely on many factors, and for children, even more than adults, diet is a critical factor. Children not only use food as fuel but to build their bodies and minds. Proper nutrients are essential to physical development, including brain development. Clearly, there is

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Final Shaklee Video Post – #shakleeblogger

Here's how I look now!

This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own. Well, I am a little sad that this is ending. Please watch the video. It sums up everything. And the ending is something I would like all

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Month 5 Video Update – #shakleeblogger

We are getting so close to the end! Next month is my big reveal in inches and weight loss. I have to admit that I have had a few mishaps along the way but for the most part I did pretty good at the life style change. You will always have ups and downs to

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Month 5 – Support #shakleeblogger


This month I want to talk about support. It’s hard to succeed at change unless you have support. Most people are like me and have weak moments and need someone to help us to get back on track. Or sometimes we just do not see that we are straying off the path that we are

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Yummy Banana Split Smoothee #Shakleeblogger


  Here is the recipe that I used for my dinner smoothee. It turned out wonderful! I used 2 cups of milk because I knew my kids would want some. Now, this does not taste just like a banana split. If I had added crushed pineapple after blending everything else it probably would have tasted

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I’m a #Shaklee180 Mom!


I’m a #Shakleeblogger Mom! Shaklee 180 is going to help me lose these extra pounds that I have been carrying around. I haven’t always carried around extra weight. Actually it was quite the opposite. But when I got pregnant with Madison I decided to enjoy food. Well, I took it overboard and put on 60 pounds.

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I love nature – Wordless Wednesday


Farmers Market Bounty: Sunset: Please leave your Wordless Wednesday link below!  

Blueberry lemonade in a blender


Brooke has been begging me to make some homemade lemonade for her. I figured since the kids love blueberries why not add those in with the lemons. Since blueberries are in season I had Troy pick up some fresh blueberries from a stand on his way home from work. I was amazed at the bright

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No-Bake Energy Bars Recipe

energy bars corrected

I have been on the quest of finding a homemade energy bar to replace those bars bought from the store. I read recipe after recipe trying to find something that my family would like. I didn’t really like anything I found so I took ingredients from many recipes and made them into one. It turned

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