Save for college now with Gradsave

~Ad – Monetary funds were received for the editing and publishing of this article. Giving a child the gift of college is giving the most worry-free years of his or her life. Whether your child eventually wants to be a rocket scientist, doctor, nurse or simply celebrate weekends playing softball, college will mark the best

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The girls’ haircuts

Here are more pictures of the girls with their haircuts from Sam at the Greenery Spa.

Sam from the Greenery Spa has done it again

Every time I walk out of the Greenery Spa I have a smile on my face. No matter what I have done (nails, haircut, or eyebrow wax) I always feel so much better than when I walked in. Sam (Samantha) is our hairstylist at the Greenery. She does an amazing job! I’m 37 years old

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What do you do to stay organized?

Hey fellow bloggers I need your input! What app do you use to keep everything in order? What is your strategy for staying organized? Do you have a cork board on your wall to keep things in sight so they stay on your mind? I keep getting distracted so I forget what I was doing

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GummyLump Craft Post Alert – Best Friends Craft Day

I don’t know if I told you yet or not but I am currently a Crafty Blogger on the gummylump blog. I am currently working on the next craft but you can see my past craft here. Feel free to go comment on the craft!

Father’s Day Fishing with the girls – Pike caught

Here’s a video of the girls out fishing with daddy. They caught a big pike. Brooke is still learning how to use the video camera so please excuse the camera swinging around. Enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day – Father’s Day Craft Link

Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there! I hope you have a wonderful day today. My hubby has the two girls out fishing on the boat right now. Wyatt’s asleep because he went out fishing earlier with daddy. They all love to fish. I sent Troy to the sports shop with some money

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Wordless Wednesday – Madison’s Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Here is the cake that I made for Madison’s Birthday. I didn’t do the best outlining Hello Kitty but the kids knew who it was and they were happy. It didn’t help that I had Wyatt banging into my legs while I was trying to draw Hello Kitty but hey, it’s all good. I also

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Wordless Wednesday – Best Friends

Lunch outside picnic style. Madison was too busy trying to get Wyatt’s brand new gloves on because her hands were cold. It was warm out so I felt her hands to see if they were really cold.  And yeah, her hands were not cold. She just wanted to wear Wyatt’s new gloves just to annoy

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Wordless Wednesday – Zoo Pictures

Wordless Wednesday: Zoo pictures My 8 year old daughter went to the zoo with her school last Friday. I sent my old Canon Power shot with her. It is a picky camera and loves to shut off as you take pictures. But she did get a few pictures and I think she did pretty good

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Wordless Wednesday – Friskies Cat iPad App fun

The kids and Willow playing with the Friskies Cat iPad App. I’m not sure if the cat or kids like the app more. Feel free to share the videos. Leave your link below and I’ll come visit you!

Sickness in the house yet again

The stomach flu is making it’s way through the house again. I will try to keep up with emails but I might not be able to get back to you right away for the next couple of days. I will log into rafflecopter later today and have it pick a winner for the K-Cups. So

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